Cannot login in Aruba AP

If you face login issues on your AP, then you can try the steps below.

Cannot login in Aruba AP

1. The default username and password for AP

Username: admin

Password – Serial no of AP (All are in uppercase.)

2. AP connected to Aruba Central –

You can check if AP is added to Aruba Central or if a device is already added to someone’s Aruba Central account.

For this, you can contact Aruba support and provide them with the serial number and MAC address of the devices.

If a device is added and connected to Aruba Central, then you need to use the password that is configured on the Aruba Central Group. (When you create a new group in Aruba Central at that time, it will ask you to enter a password. We need to use that password.)

3. AP connected to Airwave –

You can check if the AP is pre-provisioned on Airwave using the serial number and MAC.

Once you connect an AP to your network and the AP receives the Airwave server’s IP address using the DHCP option, it will directly contact the Airwave server.

In this case, you need to use the Airwave group password.

4. FIPS mode enabled –

If the Instant AP is currently operating in FIPS mode, the login credentials are

Username: admin
Password: admindefault

You can wait for 3–4 minutes and then try to login. AP’s internal services like httpd and sshd will take some time to start.

Cannot login in Aruba AP

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